Education. Career. Life.

In Oxford Dictionary, education means: the process of giving or receiving systematic instruction especially at a school or university.

Why we need education? Because we can speak, understand, perform or earn better? Is ignorance bliss? I feel that we need education to understand, to discriminate bad from good, learn value of integrity, right from wrong, what is happening in this world and beyond.

Education should not be in classroom only. Upto high school is good enough but syllabus should change. Students must learn basics of all subjects of life, jack of all trades. From sanitation skills to astronomy, from plucking grass in fields to rocket technology. If one wishes to excel in one or more subjects he should study for 2 more years. Graduation should mean perfection in one subject.

Grades should be given book knowledge as well as physical performance. What shall one do of knowing history or arithmetic if he cant speak on dais or gets weak legs if asked to dare?

I at 56, PG Eco, can’t swim, fix the nail or electric fuse. I wish I could know the basics of daily needs. Education should eliminate envy, make us good citizens, learn at least one sport properly, be world citizens far from poverty, hatred, discrimination of color, creed, grade, caste or religion. We must know why we came to this world (Darwin’s theory is not enough). Who is God, he is or isn’t, how to know him other than reciting holy hymns?

After we have studied various subjects upto 14 or 16 years, we must choose our career, to earn our bread, we must be taught to be good friends, team mates, lovers and parents. Army like training should be compulsory. If we are educated properly we may need lesser forces to defend, or attack. We must build bridges instead of guns, generate power not nuclear arms, research to make better humans, instead better brinjals.

So many people are born without eyes, hair, brain or body parts. We who have all should a) look after these brothers, b) research to finish the disease Health and Happiness for all, world-over not in a city, state or country.

Negativity is sin. The ocean can’t sink a small ship, unless it allows water to go in. If seaman doesn’t seal in time, ship sinks. Education must teach to remove inhibitions, build confidence, optimism, health, productivity, development……….. every thing to make this world  a better place. We must add to what we got. We must pick-up what was bad and bury it. Plant a tree on it, give water and watch it grow.

90% of what we relish today is effort of only 2% of us, those who lived with no means, yet devoted their lives for our betterment. If Columbus had not traveled, proud USA would have been a village of tribal eating grass, not pizza. If Gandhi had not worked for our freedom, you would not be reading this or I writing.

Purpose of technology should be to create equal opportunity for all with preference and priority to those who have less.

We should choose the career not to generate income only but to seek solace and peace in what we like. A carpenter should earn more or less same as dentist or plumber as painter. Army does not employ outsiders, promote only from their cadre. In all fields, everybody must begin as cadet or lieutenant to reach position of Lt. General by performance, by passing various exams or achieving special skills. M.F. Hussain or Picasso did not learn their work at an institute. Most of those in history created miracles without going to school or technology centers.

Life is funny. By the time we come to know what is life, we are finished. At 56, I have yet to meet the person claiming he understands life. Zauk, the Urdu poet says:

Laayi hayaat aaye, kaza le chali chale

Apni khushi na aaye, na apni khushi chale

Behtar to hai yahi ke, na duniya se dil lage

Par kya Karen, jo kam na be dillagi chale

Duniya  ne kiska, rahe fanaa me diya hai saath

Tum bhi chale chalo, yuhin jab tak chali chale

Jaate hawa-e shouk me hain, is chaman se ‘Zauk’

Apni bala se, baad-e saba ab kabhi chale

This couplet means:

Life brought, I came, death takes away, I go

Neither I came willingly, nor I go happily

It’s better, not to involve myself with this world,

But I can t live, without sharing with my friends

Who in this world, gives you company till the end

I too will go along, as far as I can

I am going away from this garden, to the place of pleasant winds

It doesn’t matter if after me, the weather here is pleasant anymore

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