Website reflects your brand, business.

You have just 10 seconds to retain the viewer or delete.


Content: Shouldn’t be stale, dormant. Rewrite latest, SEO friendly matter containing related keywords for better search results. Image, content ratio should be as per norms.

 Beauty: Website shouldn’t be boring, dull. Use high resolution, impressive pictures, logos, icons.

Legitimate: Break viewer’s guard, vary of internet frauds. Organize content, theme, consisted colors page-over-page matching emailers and brand manual.

Transparent: Your drive, enterprise story, entrepreneurship, business plan, growth vision, commitment of customer service, brand’s personality compels viewer to stay longer, connect instantly.

Appearance: Functionality, usability, interesting blog posts help in SEO. Unattractive or poorly built pages hurt your business most. Good website is a solid, long term online investment. Visually polished, appealing contrast, professional site gives long lasting brand impression. Black text on white background is easily read. Paragraph should be average size, 3 flashy graphics per page, simple substance, to-the-point, relevant info makes your site dynamic.

Maximum use of you, not I, we, us. Hyperlinks, animated banner, snappy video, downloadable podcasts, presentations help. PDFs, Java, Flash are bad for SEO.

20 second’s page loading, minimal scroll, consistent layout, 8 menu items, descriptive link test, screen resolution, browser compatibility are must.

Online: 78% online buyers prefer to get answers via website, not mail or call. 89% expect efficient self service application, problem solved in one interaction.

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