The business of branding

62% customers prefer to buy products from trusted brands than to shift to a new.

If you target to be the leader in your sector, be prepared to take on responsibility for your actions towards the customer. Your attitude will reflect on your leadership. 

businessman hand writing branding your business with crumpled re

Your brand is your biggest asset, do not let anybody destroy it. Embrace, protect it to instill confidence in the buyer. Creators are the leaders. Have courage in your convictions. Keep up your brand legacy. Your generations will be proud of you.

If you were your own customer, would you be inspired to do business with you? This is the most important question you must answer when you think about your brand and how to take it to the next level. It’s the way your customers perceive you, first and last moment of truth, soul of your business.

You started from scratch, want to make your business thriving, best in market. Overtime, with new staff, rapid changing technology, customer preferences, growing competition, your brand identity may go offtrack, lose its way, leading to loss of customer loyalty. Conducting Brand Audit is the most important thing you should do, in-depth market research with customers and in-house staff, UX testing, SEO audits and business strategy evaluation.

Clear Messaging: People should know what your brand is and how it can change their lives.

Brand Identity: Graphics, logo, font, size, layout, color, theme etc represent soul of the product. Design your brand manual.

Consistency: Marketing materials, social media voice should be consistent across all platforms.

Relevant Tagline: Should clearly denote brand’s core strengths.

Communication: Should force the buyer to choose your product over competition.

Assess how your brand performs on these parameters, improve one-by-one. Benefits are far reaching than the effort.

Learning how your brand is perceived by your prospects can guide you in creating your marketing, business growth plan.

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