Brand Power

Brands are known for their role in creating an indelible impression, intrinsically striking power with the consumer.

16th century and before, branding was a sign of burning the livestock skin with heated iron, for identification among cattle farmers and traders. Branding was being done by thumbprint or symbol, on wet clay, for the potter’s trademark identity.

In 17th and 18th century, logos were embossed or printed upon fine porcelain, furniture, tapestries, gold and silver objects, to indicate their origin or quality. ‘Red triangle’ was the first known trademark registration in 1876 in UK.

In 19th century, branding was being done for several objects; appliances, instruments, machines, beverages, food products, toiletries, insurance services, photography, FMCGs, tourism, all kinds of products and services. Among first branding agencies known were JWT, NW Ayer.

With introduction of mass communication, improved transportation, telecom, broadcasting systems, internet etc, power of brands was controlling the world economies.

A brand become distinct by its name, type face or font, graphics, visual distinctiveness, color (s), symbol, numbers, signature, shape, packaging, smell, advertising jingles, tagline or slogan. All these elements should maintain consistency, combination of harmony. But most important factor remains, is the name. With time, its possible to change everything but the name continues constant, like the northern star ‘Caesar’.

Only under extreme, rare situations, a brand name can be changed. In some countries language,  a name can mean donkey, stupid or an abuse, therefore the name should change, whereas all other features should remain same. Name can also be changed, if ownership changes or collaborations done.

A brand symbolizes it’s owner’s promise to fulfill its customer’s expectations, whatever features added or deleted to its subtitles.


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