Your brand should always outshine competition

If your buyer does not perceive your brand value, whatever you have done to build it, is a waste. All strong brands should be visibly different, to attract buyers at the display


shelf, engage them, forcing to pick, feel, experience and buy.

All humans are attracted, influenced, by beauty and elegance. Among the stimulants, touch, hear, taste, smell and sight, most important is viewing. That is why visually attractive websites draw more viewers, to engage. Content, though equally important, comes later.

Manage your brand like your other physical assets, carefully selecting the ideas, feelings, to enable it inspire the buyers. You must decode your branding design as a concept and tool to achieve your brand purpose, perspective, balance, positioning, protocol and the property.

All consumers have a habit of doing things repeatedly, subconsciously or consciously, resulting in their taste, preference, habits, behavior and personality, as if they are building their property. This ultimately leads to be recognized as their identity and equity. The essence of these thus,  becomes its proprietary.

Effective branding strategy is to decide to underplay, phase-out its weak property and to build a strong one. You must occasionally do brand mapping, to clearly sell out what your brand should or shouldn’t do, to enhance and interpret its property.

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