Importance of sales persons in any organization.

Motto of a sales person is: ‘selling is living’. Nothing happens in the world unless somebody sells something. Even Taj Mahal requires selling, as tourists have choices to visit many places.


In today’s times of internet, exceptional sales persons are not enough to drive sales, unlike old times, when they were the most important link between a company and the consumer. They used to select prospects, make calls, chase opportunities to bring sales. They had all the talent, were regarded with respect in society and career. In modern times talent is not enough. It’s the market which dictates what to buy. Marketplace should have proactive customers, competitive choices, buying capacity and offers or promotions or give aways. Market conditions should also be favorable, to influence sales potential.
A Turkey can always fly in a hurricane. Ups and downs of economy are in nobody’s hands, but a good sales person can find ways and means to ride the waves of market and bring revenues.
Most important parts of a vehicle to run, are its tires. You can’t get speed, however hard you press the accelerator, on weak tires. So is importance of sales persons, for any organization. If motivated enough, they can create sales opportunities, from nowhere.

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