Tips for startups

Every entrepreneur should write the business plan. Do you have one? Share with friends, search net, seek counselor’s help or contact us.

Brand or company name should relate to products, services offered, be short & simple, easy to write, pronounce or search. Tagline enhances brand character. Font, size, color, style makes a logo attractive. Register  and trademark.

Entrepreneur is the person who works hard today to enjoy the future. He should strive to lead by example, creativity, vision and  continuous growth. Honesty, sincerity, transparency should be the policy.

Choose employees very carefully. They can be your biggest asset or reason for downfall. Pay well, listen, appreciate their contribution and take care of them on top priority.

Write your short and long term goals. Concentrate on one task or project at a time. Do not bother what others think or say. Trust your instinct & skills. Carry on the good work, leave footprints of the organization’s legacy.

Write your website content yourself, hire a copywriter, good designer. Your website will be your biggest strength. It should be light, soothing, fast, to the point.

Use latest analytics, adwords, SEO, SEM, social media for better search ranking. Compile data of target prospects, organize their mail Ids, design HTML mailers, install bulk mailing software, use SMTP for least spam mailing. Subscription to your mailers is ideal.

Keep your presentation ready to reply the queries and call for meeting. Always pay attention to buyer’s views to close the deal to benefit both. Imagine yourself in his place for better understanding.