12 common sense rules for marketing


The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as the management process that identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements profitably.


  1. The CEO must have absolute belief in marketing and the brand
  2. The CEO must have clear vision for leadership of brand
  3. Maintain brand consistency
  4. Strong marriage with your brand & marketing consultants is important
  5.  Employ the best people with commitment, ability, right attitude and full empowerment
  6.  Always be passionate, proactive, authentic and relentless, surrounded with people with ideas
  7.  Luck and a bit of serendipity. Be ready to seize when it comes your way
  8. Brand should be the most valuable asset for  the organization
  9. CEO must have accountability for implementation of the business plan
  10.  The organization should listen to the heartbeat of consumers
  11.  Always look outwards and keep focus externally
  12.  Be obsessed with innovations


Success is achieved when preparation and opportunity meet- Machiavelli    












Success with 2D Tags

1. The Microsoft Tag can be printed in much smaller size than a QR code
2. It can be color, black and white, or custom-made so it can fit aesthetically with an image or within the design of a page or site
3. It can be scanned even without much light, and
4. It can be managed within Microsoft’s tag management system, where the owner can view data analysis and change the content to which the tag links to

How to best Use a Tag?




  1. Use Broadly: Include tags as part of editorial pieces, not just within  advertisements
  2. Mobile optimization: Make sure your content is easy to view on a mobile devise.
  3. Be Creative: Have your tag link to video , link to contact info, or even dial a number
  4. Create a custom tag: Feature your logo or whatever other image you like. It will make the tag stand out from others and allow you to feature your own brand.