Customer is king

Insure that:

  1. Your product offer unique benefits. Highlight them.
  2. Communicate USPs to customers. Create awareness and perceived value of exclusive benefits otherwise customer may switch to competition.
  3. Offer price benefits to attract new customers and retain the old.
  4. Initiate loyalty program and communicate its benefits.
  5. Invest in your brand more then anything else for stronger bond with your customers.

Here are titles of movies every ambitious, success seeking person must watch.

  • Gung Ho
  • Repo Man
  • Norma Rae
  • Patton
  • Inside Job
  • Moonstruck
  • Trading places
  • Herb and Dorothy
  • The Wizard Of Oz
  • The Secret of My Success
  • House of Strangers
  • Something Ventured
  • Animal House
  • Man in the Gray Flannel Suit
  • The Social Network
  • Wall Street
  • 12 Angry Men
  • It’s Wonderful Life
  • Other People’s Money
  • Up in the Air
  • A Small Act
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Tunes of Glory
  • Working Girl
  • Barbarians at the Gate
  • Risky Business
  • Invictus
  • Too Big to Fail
  • Citizen Kane