Key to success is efficiency

Tomorrow is late. I would like to share with you my views today, Key to success is efficiency. It is extremely important that one should have ability to drive change in himself and the organization. Keep experimenting or you will never know what works best for you.

In any business for maximum revenue, invest in future and people. Because you sell to people, not businesses (P2P marketing). Intel social media strategist said in a virtual conference ‘Future of Marketing’: if you are not cutting edge then you are just noise. Marketers do several experiments and initiatives, not studied at B Schools.

Virgin Airlines did not sell records at their stores but created ambience at their lounges for young music lovers to lie down on couches, experience music, chat, drink coffee and also buy records. The concept was hit for immense brand recognition.

Makeover creates waves (listen to Airtel signature tune. They did it to connect with the youth). Reinvest in your brand. Innovate everywhere. Follow it up on social media (viral videos are very effective). 60% Indians are below 25. Catch them young to reap results. Tomorrow belongs to them who prepare for it, today.

We see some stores overcrowded with customers. This happen due to legacy of their reputation, consistent quality, value for money. A happy customer speaks to 3, angry to 3000.

Do not hesitate to take risks. Acquire practical business skills. Inspiration and ideas can come from many sources. Build network across communities and industries, world over. Be open to new career or business ventures.