Growth of your business


I can’t stop myself from sharing with you my views about growth of your business. To me a business growing arithmetically (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) is dull, boring. An enterprise should grow geometrically (1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512) for the entrepreneur to take pride, relish the comforts, expand globally. If you can’t double turnover and profits in 365 days, do the SWOT, introspect and hire a consultant.

I am sure you know success stories of Standard Oil; Virgin Airlines; Amazon; Facebook; Reliance; Google; Ford; Sony; Toyota; WalMart; Microsoft; IKEA; Apple; McDonald; Deccan Air; Hathway; Arcelor; Disney; Versace; Fox; Dell;   thousands of them worldwide, role models for all. They started small, thought big, some had failures, but grew due to their targeted growth plans.

Fastest business growth comes from network or multi level marketing. MLM is basically for individuals, needs many years of hard work to show results. Next best and trusted is franchise model. Anything on earth can be franchised. If it has trade mark, technology patent, good quality, USPs, packaged well, lab test reports, user’s instructions, contents, accreditations, advantages, POPs, POSs, is promoted under advice of an expert.

Rule of franchise is that franchisor should open one or more outlets of his own, run as independent profit center for one year, makes ROI report, presentation, finds right partners, trains them perfect, transfers all expertise, helps in branding, marketing and ensures that franchise exceeds promised profits. After first success, be prepared for unprecedented growth. Franchise fails because of selecting wrong partners, false promises, lesser profits for partners, more for franchisor, poor promotions, bad locations, incompetent staff etc.

Happy New Year to All

I like to share with you my views about branding. Working for 35 years with various small and large Indian & MNCs, at 55, I was still struggling in spite of working very hard. I knew many people but did not get references for work. I realized they did not consider me as a powerful brand. I decided to build not only my brand but also other’s. Within a year it has made difference in my career.

Brand is much bigger than the person. Napolean, Marx, Lincoln, Gandhi, Bachchan, Ambani were not people but brands. People die, are forgotten but only those who become the brand, are remembered forever.

A large MNC brand owner said in shareholder’s meet, ‘Take my factories, people, money, everything. I own the brand. I will build back all, now in shorter time’. Change the name Coca Cola, its bottle, can, font, colors. Same content but no one would drink. That is the power of brand.

If I get another life I would like to be a sales person again, because to me, selling is living. Difference between selling and marketing is that by marketing sale happens, effortlessly. Many companies are sales driven, loose ground sooner or later and always struggle. Best gift you can give to your next generation is not the wealth but your brand legacy.

A popular story. ‘2 mice fell into a bucket full of cream. 1st made no effort and sank to die. The 2nd shook so much, churned cream into butter, jumped out.  I would like to be the 2nd’…… I SMSed a friend who replied. ‘why not be the 3rd , smart enough not to fall in the bucket’….. To me this is a lesson for life. In 2011, please do everything to build your brand. My resolution is to be the top brand in business consulting in India in 5 years.

In Greece they do not write obituary. They simply ask ‘Did he have the passion?’  What separates men from boys is, the passion.

I wish you a very passionate 2011.

Happy New Year 2011 Animated.