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Tips for startups

Every entrepreneur should write the business plan. Do you have one? Share with friends, search net, seek counselor’s help or contact us.

Brand or company name should relate to products, services offered, be short & simple, easy to write, pronounce or search. Tagline enhances brand character. Font, size, color, style makes a logo attractive. Register  and trademark.

Entrepreneur is the person who works hard today to enjoy the future. He should strive to lead by example, creativity, vision and  continuous growth. Honesty, sincerity, transparency should be the policy.

Choose employees very carefully. They can be your biggest asset or reason for downfall. Pay well, listen, appreciate their contribution and take care of them on top priority.

Write your short and long term goals. Concentrate on one task or project at a time. Do not bother what others think or say. Trust your instinct & skills. Carry on the good work, leave footprints of the organization’s legacy.

Write your website content yourself, hire a copywriter, good designer. Your website will be your biggest strength. It should be light, soothing, fast, to the point.

Use latest analytics, adwords, SEO, SEM, social media for better search ranking. Compile data of target prospects, organize their mail Ids, design HTML mailers, install bulk mailing software, use SMTP for least spam mailing. Subscription to your mailers is ideal.

Keep your presentation ready to reply the queries and call for meeting. Always pay attention to buyer’s views to close the deal to benefit both. Imagine yourself in his place for better understanding.

We are the best to develop your business world over

Dear Managing Director

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We provide value additions, cost-efficient strategies, database generation and digital set up. Having written success stories for global and national biggies, we shall write yours too.

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Advertisement ideas for small firms

Advertising is important for the success of growing businesses.

Generally our conception about advertising is limited to the big banners we see on the roadsides, in the malls and the large scale advertisements in the electronic as well as print media. For the big business houses these are standard mode of advertising but for the smaller businessmen it is a no-no thing because of the higher budgets. One needs to understand that anything that will make sure that the customer gets to know about your product is a way of advertising.

There are many ways to advertise without putting out a lot of cash. Use these 13 tips to your advantage. Modify them and make them your own.

1. Distributing pamphlets

One of the cheapest ways to market your business if you don’t want to spend a lot in the start. Though you need really cheap investment for making pamphlets, making pamphlets at home is also possible. Design a flyer and post it everywhere you can. Bulletin boards, cars, doors, malls, exhibitions, local stores, place of public gathering and through newspapers as well.

2. Word of Mouth

When you personally tell people, it becomes a sort of assurance. Your friends, relatives and children even can help you spread the word of your business through this way. Word of mouth publicity is really effective when people are dealing with products and services they use commonly or something that s new.

3. Free Notices

Advertise with an offer like cash, gift cards, or some other prize. Even if a person is interested or not in the product or service you are dealing with, he/she will make sure they get their hands on the free part. Once they use it, they will surely come back for more.

4.  Go Social about It

Truly one of the most effective advertising techniques, it is the latest one of all the advertising techniques people use today. Spread the news about your business on all forums and ask friends to share it on their pages. This way, you will be reaching out to thousands of people every single day.

Twitter and face book are the most effective tools - Create an account dedicated to advertising. Build up your followers list and post interesting things with self promotion.

YouTube – Create a YouTube channel dedicated to your business, website, or event.

5. Community involvement.

In addition to your website, build up a series of blogs that relate to and link to your website. Post on Forums – Read the terms of service. If there is no rule against putting your site in  your forum signature, then go ahead.

6. Business Cards

Print business cards with your business name, email and website. Pass out your business cards everywhere you go.

7. Local website advertising

Buy ads through Google Ad sense or Facebook. Also, you can use techniques like cross promotions through all your network and link exchanges with friends who are already running their websites.

8. Trade show participation.

Trade shows can be worthwhile. You will improve your chances of success by making sure enough people from your target audience are expected to attend. Don’t hesitate to ask the trade show’s organizers to give you detailed statistics on the profile of the people that have attended past shows. Also follow up after the show.

9. Newspaper advertising

Newspaper classified ads are cheap and effective. Use a color background to make it stand out even more. Choose industry specific columns. Or, you can buy ads in the local college or neighborhood paper. Depending on your target audience, this may send you more targeted customers than normal print ads.

11. Direct Mail-Send a mass email to everyone in your address book. Explain briefly what the site/business/event is, and offer to help to anyone interested. Put your links in your email signature, Brand all your outgoing email with a tiny advertisement.

12. Be Easy to Contact: Every single brochure, box, email and all company literature should have full contact information including: website and email address, phone and fax numbers, and company address. It seems simple but is forgotten by most companies. Be everywhere. Remember repetition makes impact.

13. Vehicle advertising

Place a bumper sticker on your car with your company’s name or website address.

Now that you know all these cheap and effective advertising methods for small businesses, you can start advertising your business soon. Make sure that you advertise well even though you aren’t spending a lot.  All the best.

Success Tips

Success tips:

  • Clarify your goals, objectives and your role in achieving them. Prepare list of all tasks you and your staff need to perform, restructure priority wise, strike out on completion.
  • Organize yourself by taking actions. Better to do wrong than do nothing. Break bigger tasks into smaller ones. Set deadlines only to meet, not postpone.
  • Monitor yourself and the staff daily, weekly, monthly, annually. Reward and compliment those who meet your expectations.
  • Finish boring tasks first to enhance your potential and excitement for the next one.
  • Do at least one innovation daily.
  • Change your bad attitude instead of clinging to it. Stop thinking ‘I am made that way’. Habits long continued become the character, very difficult to change.
  • Manage your energy by converting to synergy.


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12 common sense rules for marketing


The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as the management process that identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements profitably.


  1. The CEO must have absolute belief in marketing and the brand
  2. The CEO must have clear vision for leadership of brand
  3. Maintain brand consistency
  4. Strong marriage with your brand & marketing consultants is important
  5.  Employ the best people with commitment, ability, right attitude and full empowerment
  6.  Always be passionate, proactive, authentic and relentless, surrounded with people with ideas
  7.  Luck and a bit of serendipity. Be ready to seize when it comes your way
  8. Brand should be the most valuable asset for  the organization
  9. CEO must have accountability for implementation of the business plan
  10.  The organization should listen to the heartbeat of consumers
  11.  Always look outwards and keep focus externally
  12.  Be obsessed with innovations


Success is achieved when preparation and opportunity meet- Machiavelli    












Success with 2D Tags

1. The Microsoft Tag can be printed in much smaller size than a QR code
2. It can be color, black and white, or custom-made so it can fit aesthetically with an image or within the design of a page or site
3. It can be scanned even without much light, and
4. It can be managed within Microsoft’s tag management system, where the owner can view data analysis and change the content to which the tag links to

How to best Use a Tag?




  1. Use Broadly: Include tags as part of editorial pieces, not just within  advertisements
  2. Mobile optimization: Make sure your content is easy to view on a mobile devise.
  3. Be Creative: Have your tag link to video , link to contact info, or even dial a number
  4. Create a custom tag: Feature your logo or whatever other image you like. It will make the tag stand out from others and allow you to feature your own brand.


Customer is king

Insure that:

  1. Your product offer unique benefits. Highlight them.
  2. Communicate USPs to customers. Create awareness and perceived value of exclusive benefits otherwise customer may switch to competition.
  3. Offer price benefits to attract new customers and retain the old.
  4. Initiate loyalty program and communicate its benefits.
  5. Invest in your brand more then anything else for stronger bond with your customers.

Here are titles of movies every ambitious, success seeking person must watch.

  • Gung Ho
  • Repo Man
  • Norma Rae
  • Patton
  • Inside Job
  • Moonstruck
  • Trading places
  • Herb and Dorothy
  • The Wizard Of Oz
  • The Secret of My Success
  • House of Strangers
  • Something Ventured
  • Animal House
  • Man in the Gray Flannel Suit
  • The Social Network
  • Wall Street
  • 12 Angry Men
  • It’s Wonderful Life
  • Other People’s Money
  • Up in the Air
  • A Small Act
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Tunes of Glory
  • Working Girl
  • Barbarians at the Gate
  • Risky Business
  • Invictus
  • Too Big to Fail
  • Citizen Kane